Predator T5 9mm

Predator T5 9mm

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When Nighthawk set out to build the lowest recoiling 1911, we chose the Predator pistol with its five-inch coned, match barrel and full-length guide rod. Next, we added a thinned down, 25 lpi checkered frame, flattened mainspring housing, thin grips, and completed the package with a wide but tasteful mag well. The additional muzzle weight of the integral barrel wafer helps control recoil. The lockup of the bushingless barrel to the slide is nothing short of marvelous as is the accuracy of the T5.


  • Finish: black nitride
  • Forged government size frame and 5" barrel
  • Match grade 9mm stainless steel coned (wafered) bull barrel
  • Thinned front strap and flat mainspring housing
  • Nighthawk two-piece magwell
  • Serrated slide top
  • Heinie Slant Pro Straight Eight Tritium night sights
  • Thin Double Diamond Coco Bolo grips with Nighthawk logo
  • 25 lines per inch checkered front strap and mainspring housing
  • 40 lines per inch serrated rear of slide to match rear sight
  • Lightweight aluminum Nighthawk Custom tri-cavity trigger
  • Completely dehorned for comfortable carry
  • New ultra hi-cut front strap
  • Checkered recoil spring plug