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GA Precision

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Nighthawk has had a longstanding friendship with George Gardner. Gardner is the man behind GA Precision, which is a premier producer of tactical, long-range rifles. So, when GA Precision decided to offer their clients the ultimate 1911 to go with their ultimate rifles, they turned to Nighthawk Custom. Nighthawk engineered a battle ready 1911, designed for hard and heavy use and it became the GA Precision 1911. So taken with the uniqueness of these pistols, with their lighting ball cuts on top of the slide and front strap, and the high power cuts on the front of the slide, Nighthawk decided to offer the model for the long-term and call it the GAP 1911. The Nighthawk GAP is the perfect 1911 for the shooter who appreciates precision up close and a long way off. If you want to shoot the cents of a silver dollar at 50 yards with your fighting handgun, look no further than the Nighthawk GAP.


  • Heinie Ledge Night Sights
  • Nighthawk’s Ever-last recoil system(flat wire spring)
  • Nitride Black out finish, including barrel, bushing and trigger
  • Thick Tactical Bushing and smooth recoil spring plug
  • Serrated Rear of the slide
  • Bevel and Recess Slide Stop
  • Custom One Piece MSH & Magwell